[touhoku no kyoudo no donko oonabe de guzai tappuri inaka no miso de]

Local cuisine in Tohoku
Donko soup of local fish
with many different vegetables
in large pot making with
miso of my hometown







Now is the best season for Donko soup!

As this tanka suggests, this donko soup is made with miso and plenty of ingredients
such as carrots, potatoes, japanese radish, green onions, and chinese cabbage.

You can feel the deliciousness with Migaku-san's tanka, can you?

In Miyagi, as many of you may know, donko is another name for whitespotted greenling.

I thought it was a fish that everyone knew normally.

The fish meat is also soft and melt in your mouth, and the liver is as delicious as the monkfish.


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