[jinsei no aranami koeta hama no hito kurou ga kie te okina no kao ni]

This is life!
overcoming many difficulties
people in seaside town
pain is gone now
smiling old man peacefully




When Migaku-san was a child, had to work desperately to survive because of food shortages.
One by one from each house, the people of seaside town cooperated and worked together.

His parents were out working, his brother and sister were still young, so Migaku-san used to fetch water for cooking early in the morning and cook rice with firewood.
Together with everyone on the beach, he felled trees from the mountains, carried them to the beach,and distributed the trees as firewood.
After that, planted trees in the mountains, taking care of the plants, pulling out weeds,carried honey-bucket, and so on… there was still work to do.
Sometimes he was stung by a bee or bitten by a snake, but he overcame the difficult times.

Time passes, and the people of seaside town reunite for the first time in over fifty years.
Friends who had a hard time together when he was a child became a working member of society,
supported their family, and is smiling happily surrounded by his children and grandchildren.
From such a happy expression, it seems that the hardships have disappeared.