[ten takaku sanma no kaori mada mienu]

Autumn with the sky clear and blue
smoke of grilled saury
cannot see yet


The catch of saury continues to be poor this year,
and the retail price at the shop is around 170 yen per fish to 400 yen for large ones!?
I wonder if the day will come when I can feel free to eat fatty and delicious saury…?

Migaku-san composed this senryu with the thought that…
"Even if fall deepens and clear skies of fall, saury will not come in and there will be nothing to grill.''


On September 10, 2022, harvest moon and also full moon,
and it seems to be a lucky day called Tiger Day.
Following is Bishamonten with tiger as the gods' message.

Bishamonten also has the Sanskrit name of TAMONTEN
which is the name of the guardian of the north for Buddha and Buddhism.

holding tiger in his lap
Tiger Year comes!