[haka souji ike ba chirakasu oojika ga sonae-bana kui tsuno furi nigeru]

Tomb sweeping
big deer visited also
pinch-eating flowers offering
running away
while waving his antler




*This tanka was published in a newspaper on December 1, 2019.

When Migaku-san visited the grave to clean up the flowers offering and other things, there was a big deer.
When getting cold and nothing to eat in the mountains, they come down from the mountains to eat the flowers offered at the graves.

Please be careful, when visiting graves!
Occasionally, you might meet a deer.
May do not get hurt….



Following is the photo of July 2022.
Migaku-san went to clean the grave as usual, and when taking out flowers offering,
a white tree frog popped out from his feet.
It is said that the ancestors are happy when it is on the grave or jump out from the shadows.

Frogs is called "Kaeru" in Japanese.
Even the same pronunciations "Kaeru" can be read some different ways.
It's a kind of pun; Buji ni kaeru, Fuku ga kaeru, Okane ga kaeru, Waka gaeru
Each means...
Buji ni kaeru: getting home safely
Fuku ga kaeru: good luck
Okane ga kaeru: rising in fortune
Waka gaeru: getting back young

Frogs are considered good luck in Japan, such as "blessed with children" and "moving forward."