[jyuujisei ugen naname ni kagayaite yakouchuu tobu higashi he minami he]

Southern Cross
shining in the sky of starboard direction
sea glowing fantastically blue
beautiful noctilucas
floating in the east and south




Pelagic tuna fishing boat that will be a long voyage of over 3 months.
When I was a kid, I was looking forward to the day when
my tanned father would return safely with Hawaiian souvenir.

There is always danger on the ship, not only on calm days.
A ship that runs quietly and slowly through the vast ocean of the Pacific Ocean.
Southern Cross and countless stars shines in the night sky looking up from the ship.
Noctilucas, which emits a beautiful pale glow, drifts east to south while
riding the splash of waves on the surface of the sea.

It may be a sailor's privilege; seeing the celestial show of nature
and the fantastic of the ocean together, which can only be seen on board.

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