[sake-ryou wo oete kaerino shiretoko ni shizumu mikaduki shinpi ni nagamu]

After salmon fishing
on the way home
sinking crescent moon
behind the horizon of Shiretoko
so mystical and mesmerizing




The salmon fishing boat that Migaku-san was on operated for
about 2 months from the end of May to the end of July every year.
Eventually, they will head to the Bering Sea, fish and return.

As the chief engineer, Migaku-san monitored all mechanical equipment
such as the engine and fuel management of the ship and the freezer.
If something goes wrong, he would repair it and tryed to finish the fishing safel

In salmon fishing, they take turns (about 4 people) to monitor the machine field.
After finished hard work in the terrible engine noise,
the sight of the crescent moon sinking in Shiretoko from the deck of the ship;
which made him calm and healed his body and soul.